NB Ipod Commercial

Taken From Ipod Commercial and yes thats NB in 2009

One of NB's Oldest videos is Ipod Commercial, this video was uploaded on Jul 6, 2009

What's Happens in the Video

It first shows Nathaniel holding up ipod, then he moves the ipod away from the camera and says "My Ipod, I Eat" Then it cuts to him on the table and then he turns on his ipod Music and eats some food, then it cuts to him outside saying "I Shoot" and then he Puts on music, he walks up to a basket shoot and then slamdunks a Basketball, then it admittedly cuts to him on drums saying "I Drum" and then Puts on some music and then plays the drums, then it cuts to him outside again and then he says "I Jog" and then puts on some music and he jogs, then it cuts to him in his backyard and he says "I Mow!" then he plays some music and then he starts mowing his backyard (But he walks in a very funny way while mowing) then it cuts to him in his backyard yet again and then he says "I Kick" holding a blue ball and then he puts some music on and the kicks the blue ball all the way into his neighbor's house and then the video ends with a spinning picture of a black hand holding a ipod.