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The Mario Kart 8 Prediction cover is the cover Nathaniel Bandy predicted.

It first appeared and last appeared in the Predicting Mario Kart 8!! Part 1: Retro Stages video.

Front Cover

(Couldn't find a version without Nathaniel Bandy)

The Front cover has Mario, Bowser and Luigi on it.

we can see on the top left corner that it says Wi-Fi.

On the Bottom left corner we can see that it's 3+.

On the Bottom Right we can see three item boxes.

On the top right corner we can see that it says Wii U.

Back Cover


The Back cover is the back cover (Believe it or not) of the cover.

We can see that it says on the bottom right "5 New characters appear in the game" with Dixie Kong Lubba and King K. Roll under it.

We can see that the game has Nintendo's Seal of Approval by examining the middle of the bottom of the Back Cover.

On the middle of the page we can see that it says "New Items The Ice Flower, Spiny and Thwomp appear as new items" with a picture of the Ice Flower Spiny and Thwomp in the Middle.

On the left in the middle of the page we can see that it says "Bikes and Vehicle Customisation make a return in this Mario Kart sequel" With a picture of Yoshi on a bike.

On the top right we can see a picture of Mario, Daisy and Wario.