Meme Run 64 (hilarious lol) is a video uploaded by Nathaniel Bandy on the 3rd of july 2018.

Meme Run 64

The Thumbnail is mario dabbing and a yellow arrow pointing at a Mountain Dew.

Meme Run 64 is a Rom Hack of Super Mario 64, where you are being chased by Pingaz/Pingas/Dr. Robotnik/Eggman. And you try to get Mountain Dew to get a higher Swag Score. When you lose you go to a screen where Shadow The Hedgehog with a MLG hat, Gun and an MLG logo on his shirt stands with text saying "Your MLG (The MLG is made with the MLG Logo) SWAG Score:", The number it says how much SWAG score you got is made by the SM64 Red Coin Numbers. On some textures in the game there is a trollface.