Simpleflips is a part of Minus World.

First Appearance

In the Top 10 Hardest Super Mario Star Road Stars (Ft. Simpleflips) video Simpleflips appeared for his first time.

He was also given a shoutout in the Kaizo Mario 64/Chaos Edition - Nathaniel Bandy video.

Who he is

Simpleflips is a part of Minus World, he streams Super Mario 64, Super Mario Maker and Puyo Puyo Tetris.

He is also known for the Shoutouts to Simpleflips joke.


  1. He has 200 IQ
  2. He is the creator of BUP
  3. Is better than Hobo Bros.
  4. You can get to his Twitter acount by typing
  5. He can't do Owless
  6. He gets a lot of Shoutouts
  7. Is better than Kevin