This video is Nathaniel's first list video.

The video's title was changed and added (Based off my 8-9 year old Perspective) because how easy he found some of the stars now.

The audio for this video was recorded outside at night time, you can hear crickets in the backround if you listen closely, This face was acknowledged on the Top 10 Worst Nathaniel Bandy Top 10s video.

In the Top 10 Worst Nathaniel Bandy Top 10s video he also said that he over exaggerated a lot in the video.

Number 15: Blast Away The Wall

Number 14: Watch For Falling Rocks

Number 13: Whirl From The Freezing Pond

Number 12: Blast To The Lonely Mushroom

Number 11: Can The Eel Come Out To Play?

Number 10: Catch Mips (Second Time)

Number 9: Wall Kicks Will Work

Number 8: Eye To Eye In The Secret Room

Number 7: 100 Coins (Rainbow Ride)

Number 6: Big Boo's Balcony

Number 5: Peach's Slide (Under 20 or less seconds)

Number 4: Go To Town For Red Coins

Number 3: Pyramid Puzzle

Number 2: Bowser In The Sky (Red Coins)

Number 1: Cloud Stage (Red Coins)